Auto Body REPAIR

Elite Collision of Boerne provides a high-quality auto body repair service in Boerne, Texas, for all vehicles. Our highly qualified technicians offer services that exceed our clients’ expectations, from scratch repair and dent removal to complete vehicle repair. We offer the services our clients need to hit the road with excellent-looking vehicles.

Your car can look dull and old due to harsh weather damage. Intense sunlight and acid rain can particularly damage the paint of your vehicle. Collisions can also damage your vehicle’s paint. When this happens, you should bring your vehicle to us for repairs.

We believe that repairing a vehicle should not be a costly investment. The experience should even be enjoyable. That’s why we offer an affordable auto repair service. And you have different paint jobs from which to choose depending on your plan and preference. We possess the skills, experience, and technology to perform all auto repair jobs.

What’s more, your vehicle will look like it has left the showroom once you hire us to repaint it. Additionally, you can request a free estimate before we start repairing your vehicle. That’s because we offer a transparent, professional, and dependable auto repair service.




WEEK DAYS: 8:30am – 6:00pm

Comprehensive Auto Body REPAIR Services

We offer a wide range of auto repair services to cater to the unique needs of our clients. We take a personal approach when repairing every vehicle to ensure that the client gets their desired results. Whether you need a custom or stock paint job, we will do the job your way.

Our auto repairing services cover saloon cars, SUVs, trucks, and boats. And if you need a specific paint color for your vehicle, our crew will use it. Our staff uses computerized paint color matching methods to ensure that your car looks exactly the way you desire when leaving our shop. That means we can provide the factory paint color or give it a unique look.

Our technicians can also perform stripping, install decals or two-tone paint. That means we can make your vehicle look 100% original. What’s more, we give you a warranty for our paint job.

Contact us if you need any of these auto repairing services: 

  • Clear-coat painting
  • Paint matching
  • Spot painting

Over the years, many vehicle owners have come to us seeking our help to give their automobiles their desired looks. That’s because we possess a high skill level and experience. What’s more, our investment in state-of-the-art equipment and tools enables us to deliver services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Be confident that you will also love every aspect of our auto repairing service.

When to Use Our Automotive REPAIR Service

One of the few things that feel amazing in life is driving in a spotlessly clean and shiny car. And this can happen after leaving the car wash or when driving off the showroom. Unfortunately, your vehicle can’t always look amazing. The tip-top shape and look of your car will eventually disappear due to scratches, dents, and weather damage. And when this happens, you should bring your vehicle to our auto body repair shop for repairing. Here are vital signs that you need our auto repair service.

  • Rust: Weather is among the conditions that you can’t control. Unfortunately, harsh weather can take a toll on your vehicle, regardless of your location. Most car owners wonder why the paint of their cars deteriorates over time even without having accidents. Acid rain is among the factors that damage the paint job of a vehicle. And if a car has exposed metalwork due to a dent or a scratch, rust can set in. If you don’t paint your car to cover the exposed metal part, rusting will continue, and its overall look will suffer.
  • Chips and scratches: If your vehicle has chips and scratches from accidents, you should bring them to us for repair and painting. As hinted, chips and scratches can cause rusting. Minor touch up might not help if the chips and scratches are too deep. Nevertheless, our auto repair service can fix this problem.
  • Peeling paint: Your vehicle’s paint can start peeling after some time because of age. Wind, cold, rain, and sun are some of the weather conditions that can take a toll on your vehicle’s body. That’s why parking your car inside the garage can extend the longevity of its paint. But if you expose your vehicle to harsh weather conditions, its color will eventually start peeling. And when this happens, bring it to us for repainting. That’s because the top paint serves as the sealant that protects the underneath paint. When this starts peeling off, it exposes the underneath paint job completely.

You’re responsible for keeping your vehicle’s paint looking great all the time. The above issues can ruin the look of the exterior finish of your car. If you don’t like how your car looks, we can paint it for you.

Our Services

Choose from our wide range of auto body and collision repair services. See below and let us know which service your needing.