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If your vehicle has unsightly dents, visit Elite Collision of Boerne. We offer the best auto dent repair service in Boerne, Texas. Our crew comprises the best technicians when it comes to dent removal. Once you bring your vehicle to us for dent repair, we fix both minor and major damages. And our service covers all car makes and models.

To deliver services that exceed our client’s expectations, we use the latest technologies. All our technicians are highly-trained with vast hands-on experience in dent removal. Our commitment to quality service delivery has made us the shop most vehicle owners recommend to friends and relatives.

Each of our technicians is committed to high-quality and customer satisfaction. Our crew has the necessary expertise and technology to assess your vehicle’s damage and identify the most effective repair solution. Be confident that we will repair all dents and get your car back on the road looking amazing.



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Auto Dent Repair that Restores the Original Look of Your Vehicle

Your vehicle had a fantastic look when you drove it out of the showroom. Unfortunately, modern roads are full of dent risks. Pebbles can hit your car on the interstate. Somebody can ding your vehicle at the parking lot. You can also get an accident. Essentially, your vehicle is always at the risk of getting dents.

As your car ages, dents from different sources can become an eyesore. And this can decrease your vehicle’s resale value. As such, bringing your car to us for dent repair is among the wisest decisions you can ever make. That’s because our dent repair restores the pre-dent appearance of your vehicle.

At Elite Collision of Boerne, we offer quality dent repairs for all types of automobiles. Our team has the necessary expertise to effectively and safely repair any dent on your vehicle. Whether it’s a minor cosmetic issue or a significant mark caused by collision, we have what it takes to fix it. Our crew has more certifications and training than most facilities in Boerne, Texas. That means we are the best place to bring your vehicle for dent repair.

Traditional Dent Repair

Traditional dent repair is more resource-intensive, time-intensive, and invasive. These are some of the reasons why some vehicle owners and drivers opt for paintless dent repair. However, not every damage qualifies for paintless dent removal. If the dent involves paint damage, fixing it requires traditional techniques. These include sanding and applying fillers to the damaged part. Our technicians might also match the paint and then repaint the dented part of your vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair or PDR does not involve repainting, sanding, or using body fillers. If your vehicle’s paint is still intact, our technicians will use specialized tools to pull it out. Our crew is conversant with the best paintless dent removal protocols. That means they remove the dent without damaging the other parts of your vehicle. We restore the body panel’s beauty and the original shape using this method. Here are the main benefits of paintless dent repair.

  • Affordable: PDR is a low-cost alternative for traditional dent removal. That’s because it does not involves sanding, paint matching, application of fillers, and repainting. And you get value for the money spent on the service.
  • Convenience: Paintless dent repair is a more convenient way of fixing dings. That’s because our technicians can take minutes to remove dents from a vehicle. If you go for traditional dent removal, you have to wait for technicians to complete sanding and paint-matching processes. You also have to wait for the paint to cure. And this is not the case with PDR. Our technicians assess and access the damage before massaging and pulling out the dent using specialized tools and equipment.
  • Durable: Our technicians possess high-level skills and experience. They also have the necessary tools for completing the paintless dent repair process safely and efficiently. With PDR, our technicians will not interfere with the original paint or factory finish of your vehicle. That means PDR maintains the factory look and value of your car. What’s more, this method has equal durability with traditional dent removal.

Paintless dent repair is always our first consideration. However, if your vehicle has dents with severe paint damage, the traditional repair is the best option. Nevertheless, every dent repair is different. Therefore, we take our time to assess the damage caused by the dent before we start removing it. That way, we use the most effective and efficient method to fix the ding on your car.

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Elite Collision of Boerne has what it takes to fix any dent on your vehicle. If your car has minor dings, PDR is the best repair method. And we have the necessary tools and expertise to provide it. But, if your vehicle has deep dents and dings with damaged paint, we can use traditional dent removal methods and repaint the damaged part. Our goal is to give your car the appearance it had when leaving the showroom. As such, we offer you custom auto dent repair once you seek our assistance.

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