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Auto glass is a safety device. Apart from protecting the occupants of your vehicle from water, debris, and wind, this glass reduces crash injuries. It could even save the life of a passenger or the driver. That’s why you should schedule an auto glass repair appointment with us the moment you notice a crack or dent on your car’s windscreen or window.

At Elite Collision of Boerne, we offer superior repairs for all types of auto glass. We fix damaged auto glass on all vehicles, including saloon cars, SUVs, and trucks. During a collision, your car’s windshield prevents the penetration of external objects into your vehicle’s interior. In most vehicles, the windscreen plays a crucial role in the deployment of the front airbag. What’s more, the windshield supports the roof of the car in case of a rollover. Thus, it prevents the collapse of the top of a vehicle.

Our technicians understand that damaged auto glass compromises the safety features of a vehicle. It also hinders the driver from adequately seeing outside the car. That’s why you should prioritize glass repair. Our technicians possess innovative tools and expertise to repair damaged or cracked auto glass. We’re the best specialists in car glass repair in Boerne, Texas. If your vehicle has damaged glass, don’t hesitate to seek our assistance.




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Innovative Auto Glass Repair in Boerne, Texas

Elite Collision of Boerne has invested in modern tools, equipment, and training to repair auto glass more efficiently and effectively. Once you visit our shop for car glass repair, our technicians will carefully assess the damage to ascertain the crack or chip’s location and size. And this inspection enables our crew to determine whether the glass of your vehicle needs repair or replacement.

More minor chips and cracks are repairable. For instance, if a crack’s length is only a few inches, we can repair it. Similarly, if the damage is not more extensive than a quarter, we can fix it. In some cases, we may not improve a crack or chip if it’s directly along the driver’s sightline. That’s because even a minor fix can distort visibility. And this can compromise the driver’s ability to drive. If a crack extends from the end of the glass, our specialists can also recommend its replacement. That’s because such damage can easily and quickly spread. Thus, its repair could be ineffective.

Our glass repair for cracks and chips entails injecting a quality polymer resin and leaving the damaged part to cure or dry. Once the material has dried, our technicians smoothen the surface, making the imperfection almost invisible. To achieve excellent results, we use high-quality resin and innovative tools. Essentially, our technicians use advanced resins and sophisticated tools to provide high-quality glass repair.

Why Use Our Glass Repair Service for Your Vehicle

Elite Collision of Boerne is a professional auto body repair shop with a sterling reputation for providing superior services. Our focus is always on restoring the pre-damage condition of our client’s vehicles. Our technicians have repaired thousands of cars in Texas over the years. That means they have vast hands-on experience in fixing damaged auto glass.

Whether your vehicle has a damaged windshield, side window, or rear window, our technicians can fix it. And if we can’t fix the damage, we will replace your auto glass. Nevertheless, the repair is always our first option. That’s because we want to save you money and time. However, your safety is always our priority. Therefore, we won’t repair a windshield if it deserves replacement to ensure your safety.

Here’s what you get with our auto glass repair service: 

  • Professional work: We have highly qualified technicians that fix your faulty glass. These specialists know the best ways to repair any auto glass safely and professionally. Be confident that our service will help you get behind the wheels quickly and safely.
  • Quality products: We use high-quality resin to repair damaged auto glass. And this enables us to provide a lasting solution to the problem. After repair, your auto glass will last longer and serve you better.
  • Help with paperwork: If you opt to pay with insurance, our crew will help you with paperwork. We work with most auto insurers in Texas. And this can make filing your claim easier.
  • Guaranteed work: We give you a guarantee for our service as long as you remain the owner of the vehicle. That’s because we’re confident in the quality of our work.

You can ignore a crack or a chip in your car’s glass. A small stone can cause minor damage to the windshield. At first, you might think the chip shouldn’t worry you. However, such a tiny crack can become a significant inconvenience or even a safety hazard. If any damage compromises a part’s structural integrity, such as the rear window or windshield, your safety is also at stake.

Elite Collision of Boerne understands the impact of damaged auto glass. We’ve got what it takes to assess and fix the damage. We use our expertise and experience to determine whether to repair or replace your car’s glass. With our service, rest assured that your vehicle will be in perfect condition by the time you leave our facility.

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