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Elite Collision of Boerne is the company to contact if your car’s factory finish looks dull or old. Our auto paint repair service restores the color, reflection, and clarity of your vehicle’s original paint. Once you enlist this service, we use innovative techniques to remove cosmetic imperfections and surface contaminants from your car.

This service is ideal for your car if it has scratches, swirls, holograms, unwanted texture, color fading, discoloration, strange peel, scuffs, etching, water sports, and acidic wear caused by bird droppings. We fix vehicles with deteriorated original, clear coat.

With this service, your old-looking car leaves our facility looking brand-new. That’s because we permanently restore or repair the faulty clear-coat of your vehicle. Our prices and service time vary based on the condition and size of the car. As such, you should contact us to request your service estimate or set up an appointment.




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Auto Paint Repair Explained

You don’t want to allow anybody to restore the original factory finish of your car. But, minor defects on the paint and swirling are immediately visible. If you look at a vehicle quickly, you can easily assume it has a flawless finish. However, some paint defects are common, and easy to think your car can live with them.

But this shouldn’t be the case with our service. Our paint restoration specialists provide superior paint correction solutions that apparent scuffs and scratches using innovative techniques and products. Paint restoration is a complex work that requires expertise and the right products. That’s why you should hire the right experts to do it. And our crew has the most qualified technicians to restore your damaged auto paint.

Our Elite Process

Once you decide to restore your car’s shiny, beautiful look, please bring it to us. Here’s what our technicians will do to fix the paint of your vehicle.

  • Wash the vehicle: Our technicians start by cleaning your car’s exterior thoroughly. And this removes all debris that collects on the surface of the car while driving on the road. Our cleaning process removes dirt, fingerprints, oil, bugs, and random particles that may be stuck on the surface of your car.
  • Contaminant’s removal: Thorough washing might not remove all surface contaminants like air born pollutants, splattered bugs, soot, paint overspray, tar, and much more. Some of these contaminants may be invisible to your naked eyes. However, they are present on your vehicle’s surface and hinder the pristine shine of your car. Our technicians use safe and innovative methods to remove contaminants from the surface of your vehicle.
  • Paint repair: After a thorough wash and contaminant removal, we inspect the car for paint damage. Such damage may include scratches that affect the clear coat of your vehicle. And we can use a safe rubbing compound to fix such scratches.
  • Restoring your car’s glossy look: Our technicians eliminate the tiny swirl marks and scratches from your vehicle. To do this, they apply quality car polish. We use the most appropriate car polishes in the market. What’s more, we use a dual-action or rotary polisher to enhance the results.
  • Sealant application: At this point, your car paint will be looking pretty crisp. However, our technicians do one more thing to ensure that your vehicle maintains this look longer. And that is applying a quality sealant, which protects the surface of a car for months. Some products can even last for a year. We may also use quality wax to bring out the paint’s beauty. We want your vehicle to have the most outstanding appearance.

Why Your Vehicle Needs Paint Restoration

When driving a fantastic-looking car out of the showroom, you might think it will maintain its appearance for years. However, sun rays alone can wreak havoc on the glossy paint of your car. UV radiation is the primary reason why the paint job of any vehicle deteriorates. And this radiation can hurt your car’s paint job faster than you might think.

Whenever you expose your vehicle to the blazing sun, its paint undergoes a chemical reaction. What’s more, environmental pollutants and dirt can also damage the paint job of your car. After some time, your car’s paint will fade if you don’t take care of it properly. Eventually, oxidation, which is advanced damage, will occur. And when this happens, you will notice unsightly white imperfections on the surface of your car. At this point, nobody will want to look at your vehicle twice.

To prevent this damage from happening on your vehicle, invest in a quality car cover. And this is particularly crucial if you park your car under the scorching sun. In some cases, using a car cover could help even if you park it indoors. That’s because it keeps particles and dust that could lead to premature wear of your vehicle away.

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If your vehicle’s current look doesn’t impress you, our paint restoration service might be ideal for you. Our specialists are always ready to restore the beautiful appearance of your vehicle. All you have to do is bring your vehicle to our center. We employ safe and effective techniques to restore the original appearance of our client’s vehicle. Our service is professional, affordable, and secure.

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