Bumper Repair

Most bumpers protect the structure of a vehicle. That’s because they form the first part of a car that absorbs impact during a collision. Elite Collision of Boerne is a professional company providing the best bumper repair service in Bourne, Texas. We have fully trained technicians with years of hands-on experience in repairing bumpers. Upon bringing us your vehicle, we return the damaged bumper to its pre-collision condition safely and efficiently.

Our crew comprises a team that meticulously repairs bumpers for all types of vehicles. We have invested in rigorous training and innovative tools to enable our technicians to effectively and efficiently repair bumpers. Be confident that our crew will recondition your bumper and erase all signs of scrapes, scratches, indentations, and dents. We repair most parts of plastic bumpers, especially the covers. In most vehicles, collisions damage the bumper covers. Luckily, our technicians can save your bumper and bend all appended paint accurately and efficiently.

Whether your car has semi-plastic or rigid plastic bumpers, we can repair them with precision. What’s more, we reliably carry out repairs for plastic bumpers, whether they are thermoset or thermoplastic bumpers. That’s because our service covers all types of vehicles.




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Our Process

Car manufacturers create thermoplastic bumpers by melting pellets of small plastic and then injecting them into molds. After that, they leave the mold to cool down and then release the bumpers from the mold. That’s how car makers manufacture new bumpers. Thermoplastic is flexible. As such, it’s easy to recycle or re-use. And this makes plastic or thermoplastic bumpers more cost-effective.

Some carmakers use thermoset or semi-rigid bumpers. To create these bumpers, they inject plastics into different polymer materials to crosslink them to each other permanently in a mold. And this process produces durable bumpers. However, repairing these bumpers requires specialized knowledge.

At Elite Collision of Boerne, we have the necessary expertise to repair any bumper. We use the latest tools to restore the brand-new looks of different types of bumpers. What’s more, we give you a guarantee to back our work.

Why You Need Bumper Repair in Boerne, Texas

Perhaps, you got an accident that left your car with minor or cosmetic damage on the bumper. And you don’t think fixing this damage could be a priority. Well, addressing the damage in advance is essential for the following reasons.

Minor paint scratches, dents, and chips can expose the bodywork of your vehicle to environmental elements. And this can lead to rusting of the metallic part of your car. Rust is usually among the leading cause of costly and extensive repairs. Hiring us to repair such damages on your bumper can prevent such expensive maintenance.

Scratches and scuffs can tell a potential buyer that the vehicle could have more problems apart from tear and wear. And this can negatively impact the resale value or deter people from purchasing your car.

Repairing a dent can also lower the possibility of the occurrence of shape memory. If this occurs, removing any ding could be more challenging. The extent of bumper damage can make its repair impossible. In that case, our technicians can replace it. We carry brand-new and genuine replacement bumpers for different vehicles. Our technicians can fit the bumper on your car professionally and efficiently. And most people won’t even notice that your car has a brand-new bumper.

We specialize in providing superior services to all vehicle owners and drivers in Bourne, Texas. All our technicians are trained professionals with years of hands-on experience in repairing different types of bumpers. We have the necessary tools and parts in our inventory and service vans. Be confident you will get a prompt, efficient, and quality service whenever you hire us to repair your faulty bumper.

Improve Your Vehicle’s Curb Appeal Today!

Scruffs, scrapes, gouges, scratches, and dents on the bumper take the curb appeal of your vehicle away. They also affect your car’s value negatively. At Elite Collision of Boerne, we have trained technicians that provide quality repairs for all bumper types. Once you seek our service, we help you improve your car’s curb appeal with our repair.

Here’s what to expect with our service: 

  • Lasting, high-quality repair
  • Limited warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable prices
  • Courteous technicians

Bumpers play a crucial role in influencing the look of a vehicle. They also absorb impact during a collision. As such, you need the right experts to repair your bumpers when damaged. Our technicians at Elite Collision of Boerne have proven their ability to provide excellent repairs. What’s more, we offer highly efficient and affordable services to all clients.

Don’t let a faulty bumper ruin the look of your vehicle. Instead, let us repair it efficiently and professionally. Contact us to book an appointment or visit Elite Auto Paint & Dent Repair for the best bumper repair in Bourne, Texas!

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