Hail Damage Repair

Hail storms are more frequent with the current unpredictable climate. Unfortunately, a hail storm can leave your vehicle with severe damage if it finds you on the road. Even if you park your car outdoors, a hail storm can damage it severely. And when this happens, you need quality and professional hail damage repair.

At Elite Collision of Boerne, we have the most qualified technicians with vast hands-on experience repairing hail damage. We use innovative techniques to fix the nasty dents and dings that your vehicle may have sustained after a hail storm.

We specialize in the repair of vehicles struck by hail storms. The duration our crew takes to repair your car will depend on the severity and size of hail damage. These are also some of the factors that influence the cost of the repair.




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PDR for Hail Damage Repair

Once you bring your car for hail damage repair to our center, we can fix it using paintless dent repair or the PDR method. PDR is an ideal method for fixing minor dents. It does not involve panel removal, sanding, use of fillers, or repainting the damaged area. Essentially, our technicians massage the ding out to even out the damaged surface. They use precise and technical methods and specialized tools to fix the damage.

With this method, our technicians won’t replace any part of your car or even repaint it. What’s more, PDR is a more convenient method. It’s also less expensive, and it does not interfere with the original factory finish.

Why Use PDR to Fix Hail Damage on Your Vehicle?

You’ve probably come across many people purporting to offer the best repair for hail-damaged cars. However, you don’t know how they repair hail-damaged vehicles. Our approach is highly professional and personalized. Once you seek our assistance, we take our time to assess your vehicle’s damage and then determine the most cost-effective way to fix it.

Some of the benefits of our PDR service for fixing hail damage include: 

  • We maintain your vehicle’s original and smooth factory finish
  • Our PDR method saves you money and time
  • Our repair method is environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t entail the use of fillers and paints
  • No need to repaint the entire vehicle like it had a collision
  • We have the most competent technicians fixing hail damage using the PDR method

Unfortunately, paintless dent repair might not fix all dents caused by a hail storm. Significant dings require a more invasive and expensive repair method. And that’s where traditional or conventional dent repair comes in.

Traditional Auto Body Repair

Our technicians may use traditional auto body repair if PDR can’t fix your vehicle’s hail damage. And this is a more time-consuming process. In some cases, it can take days or even longer. That’s because it involves sanding, the use of filers, and repainting the vehicle. Our technicians may also have to remove some panels from the car.

Since traditional auto body repair is more laborious, it will cost you more. That’s why we consider PDR first. However, you may not have much of an option if a hail storm left your car with large dents. Nevertheless, we try to charge reasonable prices for both PDR and conventional repairs. What’s more, we try to be as efficient as possible.

Our technicians will take their time to assess the hail damage on your vehicle. This assessment will enable them to determine the most appropriate method for restoring your vehicle’s pre-damage condition.

Improve Your Vehicle's Appearance Today!

Perhaps, a hail storm struck when you least expected it. And this could have made avoiding your vehicle’s damage almost impossible. However, repairing your car after hail damage is easy and quick with Elite Collision of Boerne. That’s because we have a more straightforward repair method that we have tested and proven effective.

Our ability to consistently provide quality repairs is why many motorists and vehicle owners always prefer our services. We repair all vehicles damaged by hail storms. With our skills, experience, and innovative tools, we restore the pre-damage looks of cars seamlessly. Be confident that your service will exceed your expectations.

Use our service because: 

  • Our technicians are highly competent: We have the most qualified technicians providing our service in Boerne, Texas. These are specialists with a proven track record for delivering quality repairs for hail-damaged vehicles.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction: We’re always confident in our ability to provide superior services. As such, we back our services with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Maintaining your car’s value: Dings and dents can decrease your vehicle’s resale value. Luckily, our paintless dent removal restores the original condition of your car. Thus, we fix hail damage without interfering with the original paint finish of your vehicle.

Our technicians have always exceeded our customers’ expectations due to their ability to deliver excellence. Call Elite Collision of Boerne to get the best hail damage repair service in Boerne, Texas, at the most reasonable price.

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