Our Lifetime Warranty

When your car gets a collision or accident, you bring it to us for repair. And before you drive off after the repairs, you check the damaged parts to determine whether we did a good job. You can even test-drive the car to ensure that everything functions the way it did before the accident.

When choosing your auto body repair shop, look for a facility that gives you a lifetime warranty. Elite Collision of Boerne is a professional shop with skilled, certified, and experienced technicians. These professionals have the necessary expertise to repair different car makes and models. As such, you have no reason to worry once you bring your vehicle to us for repair. And because we’re confident in our ability to provide superior services, we back our work with a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime Warranty Explained

When an auto body shop gives you a lifetime warranty, it means you get a guarantee for the repairs throughout the duration you will own the vehicle. If the repairs fail to hold up for whatever reason, the auto body shop should fix the repairs at no cost.

Essentially, the auto body shop will incur the costs of providing the warranty repairs. The shop also learns to fix the damage differently. It can also be a lesson to use different spare parts to provide lasting repairs.

Our Lifetime Warranty

At Elite Collision of Boerne, we back our repairs with a lifetime warranty. If you bring your car to us for paintwork, we will support our work with a nationwide guarantee. What’s more, our crew is ready to explain different aspects of our lifetime warranty to you. Above all, we focus on fixing your vehicle efficiently and professionally so that you can quickly and safely get back on the road.

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